It was the home straight for Virginie Efira and Romain Duris. The two actors were on the set of Quotidien, Tuesday January 4, 2022, to promote the film Waiting for Bojangles. While this achievement is released in cinemas on Wednesday January 5, 2022, the actress has made some secrets about Solàn Machado-Graner, who plays their son in the son. She just found it “wonderful”. “He’s a brilliant playmate who managed to combine two things that rarely go together: he has an intelligence that goes through memory, technicality, etc., and at the same time, an inventiveness and a way of being in the present. which was really exceptional. He has an incredible sensitivity “, she declared in front of Yann Barthès.

A point of view fully shared by Romain Duris. “He could switch from the moment off to what he was asked in a fraction of a second. He managed to do very technical things like a pro,” he added. The two experienced actors were quite simply impressed by the performance of the young actor who is promised a bright future. All three are a family on screen. They loved playing together and had a lot of fun.

Virginie Efira invents a dream life in this film

In this film, Virginie Efira refuses reality to the point of inventing a fantasized existence for herself with the help of her husband, played by Romain Duris. “I think it’s my physique that encourages me to entrust these characters to me. I’m not talking about morphology, but about the fact that I have the face of a brave girl”, she confided in the columns of 20 Minutes, when she once again plays the role of a woman who can be described as crazy. But she loves this kind of role where she has to work a lot on her acting.

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