On August 19, 2022, Bradford Assize Court sentenced Thomas Nutt to life imprisonment, the man who beat and strangled his wife to death on their wedding night. Thomas Nutt, a 46-year-old Briton, marries Dawn Walker, 52, on October 27, 2021 in Halifax, West Yorks. According to the latest information from Mirror, the murderous husband killed his wife unceremoniously on their wedding night, hours after exchanging their vows.

CCTV footage released by West Yorkshire Police shows Thomas Nutt dragging a wheeled suitcase out of the house he shared with his wife. The images are from just four days after their wedding day. In the suitcase was the body of Dawn Walker. We also learn during the trial that Thomas Nutt kept his wife’s body in the closet while he was enjoying a few days of vacation. Afterwards, he broke the bones of his wife’s corpse in order to stuff it into the suitcase on wheels.

He went alone on his honeymoon after killing his wife

CCTV footage also shows Thomas Nutt and Dawn Walker returning from the pub where they celebrated their nuptials. Dawn Walker still wore her wedding dress. A few hours later, the one who comes to sign the register of the town hall with her commits one of the most abominable crimes: he beats and strangles her unceremoniously. “He then fled to Skegness to enjoy what should have been their solitary honeymoon before returning to ‘discard his body like trash’,” Mirror said.

He is filmed carrying his wife's body in a suitcase days after her wedding

Thomas Nutt © Instagram


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