It’s a terrible story that began in 2018. That year, Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner, a Dane, decided to go to a shelter to adopt a cat and her babies. A few days later, while trying to move one of the kittens, he was bitten by the animal on his index finger. If at first, he is not worried about the small bite, a few hours later, his hand has doubled in size.

The 33-year-old man then calls a doctor, who tells him to wait until the next day to consult. Many consultations then followed until Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner arrived at the Danish hospital in Kolding, where he was finally taken care of and hospitalized for a month, as reported by the Daily Mail in an article published Wednesday, December 14.

The amputation did not save the Dane

After having undergone 15 operations to try to save his finger, the Dane was finally amputated, four months after the fact. Unfortunately, his condition continues to worsen, as his mother reported: “The cat had bitten into a blood vessel, and when a cat bites and pulls out its tooth, the hole closes up and the bacteria spreads.” -she explains.

Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner fell victim to a bacteria known as Pasteurella multocida. The latter sometimes leads to a rare bacterial infection, which can be fatal. Although he was amputated, the Dane unfortunately did not survive his infection and died in October 2022, four years after his bite. “We knew he was bad, however, we had no idea he was so seriously ill. Go to the doctor after a bite, don’t take any risks,” warned Désirée, the victim’s widow.

He is bitten by his kitten and pays a high price… four years later

Kittens © Photo by Ilse Orsel on Unsplash

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