The holidays turn into a nightmare. Alan Stephenson, a 73-year-old family man from Hull, UK, was traveling in Thailand when he was stung by a scorpion. This wound, which was already very painful in itself, however, became infected, and gave rise to a much more serious injury which could cause him to lose his leg. Indeed he now suffers martyrdom after having caught a flesh-eating bacterium which is literally eating away at his leg, a leg that he could soon lose. Shortly after being stung, Alan Stephenson called his son Kristian, who rushed to meet him at the small local hospital where he had been taken.

Far from the big cities and with few resources, the hospital in question only aggravated Kristian’s worries for his father when he saw cockroaches walking around and stray cats eating from the meal trays. patients. “It was like being in the series Journey to the end of hell. The sanitary conditions of the hospital were revolting and they did not have the resources necessary to do what was necessary to the leg of my father” explained the 44-year-old before adding: “I thought he was going to die here”. In addition to the sting, Alan Stephenson has diabetes, which immediately complicated his infection and led doctors to assure him that the only solution was to amputate him. “His leg was filthy, and he had terrible bedsores because no one was there to help him turn or get up.”

The victim wants to be repatriated to the UK

Despite the cost that this generated, the victim’s family therefore quickly decided to have him transferred to another more expensive hospital. The nightmare did not end there, however. Still suffering from necrotizing fasciitis eating away at his skin, Alan Stephenson saw his surgery repeatedly postponed as his hospital bills piled up. Despite the help of a local politician, Alan’s repatriation is still not certain. In order to successfully pay for hospital and repatriation costs, his son has also created an online kitty and invites all those who can to participate.

He is bitten by a scorpion during his vacation, a frightening reaction raises fears of the worst

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