“Join me in Bologna, I will support my graduation work at the Faculty of Business and Economics!” This is what this 29-year-old Italian student assured his family, a few days before the end of his school year. His parents, originally from Abruzzo in Italy, therefore joined Bologna on October 9 to attend their son’s defense. But the scene was not as happy as expected.

No party, no ceremony that day in Bologna. The student, who had passed very few exams, actually did not intend to present at all, as reported by the local newspaper Il Resto Del Carlino. His family, there, looked for him all morning in the city. But the 29-year-old never deigned to answer them on the phone. On the other hand, he sends a strange first message to his ex-girlfriend, who immediately alerts a boyfriend that they have in common. The riflemen are informed and a great search is being made to find the young man. But around 4 p.m., the one who disappeared sends one last message to one of his friends, telling him to be on the Stalingrad Bridge. When the police arrive, it is too late.

The student jumps from the top of the Stalingrad bridge

Surely full of shame and guilt in the face of his many failed exams and his wasted school year, the young Italian did not know how to get out of his lies. Faced with a situation that was becoming more and more complicated and unbearable for him, he decided to kill himself by going over the guardrail of the Stalingrad Bridge. At the bottom of the bridge, the student’s body is there, in a pool of blood. His family and the police could only see the tragedy.

Fat various © © pexels

He invites his family to his defense but finally throws himself off a bridge
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