This young British student from Birmingham is known as the “danger tourist”. Miles Routledge has a passion for visiting the most dangerous places on earth. Lately, as usual, this Brit came to show off on his Twitter account for having “crossed multiple borders illegally” for 10 days to visit his girlfriend. But apparently, his sacrifice was not at all to the taste of the latter. During this dangerous crossing of several borders, Miles Routledge broke his ankle.

Although he went to such lengths to reach his girlfriend, not wanting her to go see him there, he got dumped on the phone. “My girlfriend broke up with me, I need a few days guys,” Miles Routledge shared. “The worst thing is that during this 10-day trip, I crossed several borders illegally to see her so that she didn’t have to come to see me. I broke my ankle doing this,” said he revealed on Twitter reports the November 23, 2022 Mirror article. “It’s going to be a long night guys. Can’t believe it was also because of a phone call”, a explained Mr. Routledge.

Neither a broken heart nor a fractured ankle stops the traveler from danger

The Mirror recalls that Miles Routledge is best known for having been evacuated during the Taliban offensive and the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2021. The British media also mentions his dubious opinions. Miles Routledge returns to Twitter five days after being dumped on the phone by his girlfriend. He revealed that his next adventure will be a walk across the border between Afghanistan and China. He clarified that he will do this challenge for fun. “To show my gratitude, I will plant a Taliban flag on the mountain pass. No one has crossed this border since 1947 and there is only one photo. This expedition will go down in history.”

He illegally crosses borders and breaks his ankle to see his girlfriend, the outcome is terrible

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