They did not expect to experience this nightmare. According to an article by our colleagues from the Spanish media El Dario, future air hostesses have lived through a real hell. While they are having a job interview with the company Meccti, which specializes in recruitment for airlines, many women will be victims of sexual assault. While having a job interview in a hotel in Madrid, the candidates will be forced to undress. “He asked me to pull up my dress. I lifted it up a bit, he hit just below my knee and he pulled it up to my panties,” one of the women told AFP. El Dario. “The dress had a zipper in the back and he asked me to pull it down to my waist and stay in a bra”.

Two other women who have also applied will reveal their trauma. Indeed, the recruiters told them that they did not want flight attendants with scars or birthmarks. “The recruiter told him he didn’t care about his seven languages, and that he didn’t fuck (sic) people with scars,” she said. One of them also indicates that she came out of this interview crying.

No response from recruitment company or airline

For the moment, neither the airline nor the recruitment company has spoken on this case. In addition, on its Instagram account, the Meccti company recently published announcements of their future recruitment campaigns, as well as many testimonial videos from air hostesses, delighted with their experience. The testimonies of these women are chilling. It remains to be seen whether the company will speak in the days that follow.

"He hit just below my knee and...": they dream of being air hostesses and end up in a state of shock

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