Annoyed that his girlfriend was taller than him at his sister’s wedding, a young man didn’t hesitate to hide his heels.

If some couples fully assume their size difference, others have a little more trouble. Like this young man who hid his girlfriend’s heels before going to his sister’s wedding. The reason ? He didn’t want her to be taller than him at the reception. A gesture that did not please his partner. “She called me an idiot and brushed off my worries, which I didn’t appreciate. On the wedding day, so I hid her heels. She tried to look for them but I started looking for them. hurry by telling her that we were late. She went there in sandals“, he wrote anonymously on the site Reddit.

When they returned from the ceremony, the young man finally returned his shoes to his darling: “She was shocked when she saw me with her heels in her hand.” Unsurprisingly, the young woman did not appreciate her boyfriend’s behavior and let him know: “I admitted to hiding them and she got mad at me and told me that I wouldn’t have should not have done that, force her to wear sandals (…)” A dispute which obviously did not change the opinion of the young man. “I agree that she was right to be pissed at me. But what was I supposed to do after I clearly told her not to wear her heels?” he concluded.

A highly criticized gesture

On Reddit, many Internet users reacted by reading the story of the young man. Most of them, by the way, sided with his girlfriend. “Don’t go out with people bigger than you if you can’t take it, you’re clearly wasting his time with this relationship” notably launched a first while a second outbid: “You have to manage your insecurities by yourself. When she says no to you, you have no right to force her to do what you want.” Site users also advised the young man to work on himself to prevent this kind of situation from happening again.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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