Adam Howard, 29, didn’t just sexually assault his victim. He attacked her in the bathroom before hitting and raping her in his mother’s room. Adam Howard had come with friends to the victim’s party. The latter does not know him and has already rejected his request on Facebook. Adam Howard’s host and friends have asked him to leave the party, according to Oldham Times. According to Judge John Potter, Adam Howard did not leave the party, but went upstairs “in hiding”.

Howard, from Oldham, watched his trial from prison via video link. The judge returns to the facts by telling her: “Your attack started in the bathroom and a neighbor heard screams. You attacked her in her mother’s room and brutally raped her.” The judge also said the victim was drunk at the time of the act. “She was clearly vulnerable,” he says. According to the Mirror, the attack left wounds to the victim’s shoulder, back, arms and legs.

The victim will never recover from this attack and this rape

In her statement which was read by District Attorney Helena Williams, the victim said she can never forgive Howard for raping her in her home. “I think I will never get over it,” she added. “The impact of Howard’s predatory and wicked actions will be something she will have to live with for the rest of her life,” said Detective Constable Kate Dawson. Howard receives a 12-year prison sentence in addition to an additional four-year license sentence. The Minshull Street Crown Court jury found him guilty of two counts of rape on December 8, according to The Mirror.

Adam Howard © The Mirror

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