When it comes to naming their child, parents spend hours thinking about possible names before deciding on one, the one they both love. But some parents opt for a simpler solution. If the mother names their firstborn, the father will name the second and vice versa.

However, this strategy proved inconclusive for a father who is now trying to get his wife to give up having chosen for their daughter a name he hates. A battle far from won.

A strong and unique name

On a Reddit forum, an anonymous father noted that he had reached an agreement with his 36-year-old wife. “I had to name our first baby and she had to name the second,” he wrote. “She didn’t have any strong opinions or preferences about our son’s first name so I went with what I thought would be a strong, somewhat unique name that would suit both a musician and a lawyer. or a doctor,” he explained. Their son is thus named Calvin Heath, the middle name being a tribute to his deceased brother. A choice that his wife had approved.

A word for first name

Now, the couple is preparing to welcome their second child, a daughter. However, the first name chosen by his wife is not at all to his liking. “She wants to name our daughter Ever Winter Rain. Ever is the first name and Winter Rain the second” he revealed. “I don’t think it’s a good name and it’s fair for our daughter. Ever being a word, I don’t think it passes the Supreme Court test.” Slipping that he thought that name was also unprofessional, he also found it confusing for an adult.

A more normal first name

“I suggested Winter as a first name with a more normal middle name like Emma. She has options but she refused, insisting on our agreement. “Would I be wrong if I refused by not signing the birth certificate if she wants to call him Ever? he asked in conclusion. In the comments, most users agreed that he had to explain to his wife that he really didn’t like her choice. Others suggested a few variations that he could submit to her in order to find common ground. “If she insists, I will call her Eve for short. Nobody said she could also choose her nicknames I hope! » laughed a first person. “See if Everly might suit him. It’s a legitimate name, unique but not a word and it will go with middle names” thought for a second.

He hates the first name chosen by his wife and is reluctant to sign their daughter's birth certificate


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