To prevent his daughter from ending up with a first name he considered horrible, a young dad did not hesitate to change it behind his wife’s back.

In a post on Reddit, a 29-year-old confessed that he changed his daughter’s name behind his wife’s back. The reason ? He hated the choice of his partner. A real point of contention for the couple: “I am a traditional man, I like classic names that have a rich history and deep meaning. My wife wanted to baptize our child with a unique name. Among her suggestions were Hoohee, Joejie, Yabba and Buza. Everyone can see that those names are ridiculous, and she will have a hard time getting a respectable job. I suggested Amelia, Ella or Sophia but she told me they were too common.”

If the young mother insisted on naming their daughter Buza, the father continued to refuse categorically, in vain. His companion had made up her mind. From then on, he did not hesitate to change the first name behind the latter’s back: “I knew that I could not have made him change his mind. So the next morning, I went myself to declare the our daughter’s name. I was afraid that my wife would go before me. I chose a very pretty name that is not too old-fashioned and that I think my wife will like.” Unfortunately for the man, his companion was furious upon learning what he had done.

“You shouldn’t have done that behind his back”

A story that did not fail to react in the comments of the forum. Most Internet users have also sided with the young dad: “He’s a father and he must protect his child. That’s what he did.” Others qualified their remarks by criticizing his gesture: “If these are really the names chosen by your wife, I agree, they are horrible and your wife wants attention. That being said, you would not have shouldn’t have done that behind his back.” Finally, redditors strongly advised parents to have a long conversation to ease the tensions within their relationship.

He hates the first name chosen by his wife and declares another behind her back ©

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