It’s a terrifying story. A 75-year-old man woke up one morning with badly swollen eyes. Unable to open them, he rushed to the emergency room. The diagnosis falls: this swelling is the direct consequence of a surgical operation of a lung. The man was receiving treatment for a chronic obstructive disease, known as COPD. So, he underwent an operation to remove part of his right lung. It was then that his eyes began to swell.

That’s not all: the swelling has spread to other parts of his body. From her face to her pelvis, her skin began to swell. Faced with such a medical case, an Australian research team wanted to study it, as announced by the New England Journal of Medicine. While they don’t know how long the man had been suffering from this chronic condition, doctors performed lung volume reduction surgery on the right lobe of the organ. But due to complications from the procedure, the patient suffered from a collapsed lung and subcutaneous emphysema.

Edema worsened

That’s when an air pocket emerged under his skin. The edema continually worsened and began to spread. From her chest, it moved all the way down her body to her pelvis. More than seven out of ten cases concern men. In many cases, it is not clinically detectable because a visible bulge does not always form. This is a frightening story for this man who operated on his lungs and saw his whole body swell very quickly.

He gets surgery for a common chronic condition and ends up disfigured due to a terrifying side effect

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