As we know, pregnant women have particular desires during their pregnancy. Yes, it is not a myth! These cravings can appear at any time of the day. Some, however, are more unusual than others. Fanny (assumed first name) can testify to this. On Reddit, the mom-to-be confessed that she can’t stop eating dog biscuits. “I’ve been eating it secretly since the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t know why. I don’t have a dog and I’ve never had a dog” she confided, specifying that she consumes biscuits “normal” and not those that are beef or fish.

“I hide it from my husband because it’s weird. I know these cravings can be strange but for me, it goes beyond that. I’ve vaguely talked about it with friends but none of them have the same cravings as me – or they don’t want to admit it” continued Fanny. The mother-to-be wanted to keep her cravings a secret, but her companion discovered everything: “Yesterday, my husband caught me eating some cookies. He asked me to give him one. I should have accepted but I I refused by overreacting. Of course, my reaction made him even more curious and he finally understood.”

Husband finds out she’s eating dog biscuits and laughs

Fanny quickly became the target of her husband’s mockery: “He can’t stop barking. He laughed for five hours last night. When I ask him something like ‘Can you bring me the blanket?’ He responds by going “Wow! Whoa!” and go get her. I don’t know how I’m going to make her forget that.” Even if she now has to put up with her companion’s jokes, the young woman is relieved to be able to eat her dog biscuits in broad daylight. A testimony that did not fail to make Internet users smile: “It’s too funny. That’s exactly what my husband would do. Don’t worry, it will pass to him soon.”

He Finds Out His Pregnant Wife Is Eating Dog Biscuits His Reaction Is Hilarious



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