Cathleen Krauseneck’s story had moved thousands of people living around Rochester, New York. This 29-year-old mother had indeed been found by her husband, James Krauseneck, in the marital bed, an ax planted in the head. According to information released at the time, the husband had returned from work around 6:30 a.m. on February 19, 1982. He then fell on the body of his wife and, beside her, their three-year-old daughter. , Sara, who would have witnessed the crime and who would have remained for several hours near the lifeless body of her mother. If a broken window seemed to point to the thesis of the burglary, the police forces later established that it was a scene, no valuables having been stolen.

Suspected for a while, the victim’s husband went unmolested for several years, until he was recently singled out for the murder of his wife. It wasn’t until the FBI decided to work on forgotten cases with Brighton police that the case of Cathleen Krauseneck’s death was investigated again. No analysis has been able to provide tangible proof that her husband is the culprit, but nothing has come to clear her either. The police also came to believe that the lack of evidence incriminating anyone else in the case and the fact that the burglary looked staged pointed to James Krauseneck as the culprit.

The accused awaits his sentence

It was therefore in 2019 that the husband of the victim was arrested by the authorities before being finally judged. More than 40 years after the death of Cathleen Krauseneck, the verdict finally fell and the jurors found James Krauseneck guilty of the murder of his wife. Robert Schlosser, the victim’s father present at the trial, told the Rochester Democrat Chronicles: “I wanted to live long enough to see this. My wife died four years ago, she didn’t last until then. “. After being found guilty, James Krauseneck is now waiting to know the sentence that will be assigned to him. His lawyers have already planned to appeal.

He finds his wife dead in his bed with an ax in her head, 40 years later he is the one accused

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