The Preston Crown Court sentenced this man to life imprisonment for having killed his ex with an axe. Andrew Burfield, 51, brutally killed Katie Kenyon, 33, after taking her for one last ride to McDonald’s. The diabolical killer denied the facts at first to finally completely change his version and plead guilty in court on November 16, 2022. The Mirror reports that Katie Kenyon, Burfield’s ex, was excited and excited to see him again and resume his story with the latter. His life ends in a tragic scene a few hours later.

According to the Mirror, Katie Kenyon had texted Andrew Burfield saying she was “ready and excited for a new chapter”. Hours later, Burfield killed her ex with an axe. He then buried her in a shallow grave and then texted himself from his poor victim’s phone. He also sent some to his children to try to cover his tracks. Andrew Burfield denied killing his ex with an ax and said he didn’t know where his victim was. He delivers everything on November 16, the third day of his trial.

He would have killed his ex accidentally as part of a bet

It is learned during the trial that Burfield’s Ford Transit van was spotted by surveillance cameras on April 22 of this year. The van stopped at a fast food outlet on the way to Gisburn Forest in Bowland Forest, Lancashire, The Mirror reports. Burfield told Preston Crown Court he accidentally hit his ex with his ax while betting. Katie Kenyon bet he couldn’t hit his Coke can with his axe. The autopsy, however, shows that Katie Kenyon had been hit about 12 times.

He finds his ex for dinner, a few hours later he falls into the most total horror

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