He shared footage of his shootings on Facebook Live. This is what would have alerted the police. Authorities say the killer who randomly fired on bystanders goes by the name of Ezekiel Kelly. According to police statements, Ezekiel Kelly first shot a man at a gas station around 4:30 p.m. that day, another woman was injured. The shooter had driven an Infiniti and then a gray Toyota to try to evade the police.

During his deadly Livestream, the man said he shot five people. We see him in a sequence cocking his gun and shooting while filming himself with the camera of his phone while driving. Livestream clips of the shootings and deadly chase of this young gunman have been removed by Facebook. But we learn in another clip that he got out of his car and entered a supermarket to shoot a random person. Before firing, he can be heard exclaiming “no trickery, this stuff is real”. Eventually, the suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

Residents had been ordered to stay safe at home

While the authorities mobilized to find and capture him, the population was ordered to “stay safe at home”. “We don’t know his motive, we just know he’s responsible for multiple shootings right now,” Memphis Police Department spokeswoman Maj. Karen Rudolph told NBC WMC as searches were still going on.

He films himself shooting passers-by and broadcasts the footage live

Ezekiel Kelly © Instagram

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