Before being a known and recognized animator, Cauet was a father. Father of two children, born of his former relationship with Virginie, he does not usually talk about his private life. Only, Wednesday January 18, 2023, he did not hesitate to do so on his radio show C’Cauet. While he was receiving a fortune teller, he confided in his 23-year-old son. And it seems that the host is starting to get a little fed up with his behavior. “He has his apartment, yes, but do you see a job or not? Because since he doesn’t do anything, I would like him to find it. Since he has a baobab tree in his hand!”, exclaimed the father of the family in front of the seer, thus implying that his son was particularly lazy.

The young Valmont seems to prefer letting himself live rather than struggling to find work. However, this situation no longer seems to suit Cauet at all. “It’s me who pays for his apartment, as he doesn’t want to give a damn…”, he continued with his outspokenness that we know him so well. Only, the clairvoyant did not bring him good news. “It’s as if you had a ball in the foot …”, she assured the helplessness of the facilitator. Surprised by this unexpected remark, Cauet replied: “Yes, yes, you can say it, it’s a good description!”

Cauet was warned by the seer

Despite everything, she assured him that the situation should gradually improve and asked him to be careful not to put too much pressure on himself with his son and the fact that he provides for his needs. “It can slow down your sentimental investment in certain things, because you’re focused on them,” she said. Very attentive, the famous animator has promised to listen to his advice and hope that his son is also more active. “He has to find a job,” he concluded.

"He doesn't want to do anything": Cauet sorry for the laziness of his 23-year-old son

Cauet © Dominique Jacovides

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