It is a surreal scene which took place, Sunday February 27, in the Café du Pont of Saint-Just-en-Chaussée (Oise). Around 9 a.m., a man dressed as Spider-Man, the Marvel superhero, and wearing yellow latex gloves showed up at the bar-tobacco cashier to rob her. “The author entered the business with his face hidden by a Spider-Man balaclava and wearing yellow gloves (of the dishwashing type) and asked that the crate be returned to him without committing any violence or threatening anyone,” says Caroline Tharot, the prosecutor of Beauvais.

Noting that the aggressor “did not seem in his normal state”, the teller took out 20 euros from the cash drawer and gave them to the young man. Against all odds, the spider-man was satisfied with it and left the place before removing his hood, leaving several customers to recognize him. Arrested shortly after, he had to return his small loot to the bar-tabac. “He was arrested very close to the offense thanks to the rapid intervention of the gendarmerie services and the first investigations, continues Caroline Tharot, and the 20 euros still in his possession were returned to the trade.”

The masked robber tried for “extortion”

Superhero or not, the young man will receive the treatment reserved for supervillains. “He will be tried within the framework of a summons on prior recognition of guilt for extortion committed by a person voluntarily concealing his face so as not to be identified”, concludes the public prosecutor. What, perhaps, make him want to change sides.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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