Good Friday was April 15, 2022 for Christian believers. On this special day preceding Easter Day, the reproduction of the Passion of Christ is a fairly widespread custom. Suel Ambrose, 25, re-enacted the crucifixion of Christ, and by an unfortunate accident, lost his life. While doing the reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Suel Ambrose, an undergraduate student at Nigeria’s Clariantian University in Nekede fell and died, according to the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard.

People who witnessed the event that the accident was part of the scene, that it was a joke. But it was not, because the seminarian began to bleed shortly after falling. Suel Ambrose was first taken to the school hospital before being taken to a more suitable medical centre. “The moment the incident happened everyone got together and rushed the deceased to the school hospital and later when the case got worse he was taken to school. taken to a quasi-federal medical facility, the FMC,” a Vanguard source told the Daily Star.

A new theory on the death of Christ

The death of Christ, documented by the New Testament of the Bible, has always been believed to be linked to his crucifixion. Professor Patrick Pullicino advances a new theory according to which Christ would have died before having had his hands and feet pierced by the Roman nails. The doctor-turned-priest says Jesus Christ may have died from “complications of a shoulder injury and being laid on the cross”, according to The Mirror.

Suel Ambrose © The Mirror

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