Matthew Caseby was a personal trainer. This 23-year-old young man died on the morning of September 8 after being hit by a train. Matthew Caseby had a first-class degree in history from the University of Birmingham. At the time, he was living with his parents in south-east London. He was placed under section under the Mental Health Act of September 3, 2020. After he was found on train tracks in a village near Oxford. Matthew Caseby was assessed at Warneford Hospital before being transferred to Woodbourne Priory Hospital in Birmingham on September 5.

Only he escaped from the hospital by jumping over the garden fence. He has since been reported missing to West Midlands Police. Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard evidence from doctors and nurses at Oxford Hospital on April 3. At that same court, Matthew Caseby’s father said officers initially classified his son’s disappearance as medium risk. Only then was she categorized as high risk.

His body was 200 meters from his father

Unfortunately for the young man, he died on the morning of September 8 after being hit by a train. Matthew’s father had launched a search himself to find his son. Later it emerged that the son’s corpse was only 200 meters from his father’s search area.

Constable Kieran Dolphin told the Court that ‘he and a colleague were called to the village of Islip, Oxfordshire, after they were told a man was running on the tracks of the train “. The investigation into the death of this young man is still ongoing.

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