The strength of a hero is measured by the strength of his heart! These few words taken from the work Hercules define only a tiny part of this heroic action by Camrynn Ray McMichael. Indeed, this child, only 11 years old, died protecting his little sister, Karmynn Louise McMichael. A tragedy that unfolded in Indiana, during the weekend of July 4. This incident happened because of a fireworks display that malfunctioned, according to a GoFundMe campaign for the family.

“Camrynn Ray McMichael of Mount Vernon was ‘seriously injured’ Sunday night during a fireworks display on N. Canal Street,” according to the Indiana police statement. Seriously injured, this young hero succumbed to his injuries while being transported to the hospital in Evansville. So far, the official cause of his death has yet to be revealed, according to People. Also according to the police, an autopsy was to be performed on Tuesday, July 5.

“He was every parent’s dream”

In a message on social media, her mother, Kyrra McMichael, had confided her pain, but also her pride. “Fireworks are no joke,” she said. “He protected his sister like a big brother should!” Adds the mother. “He was a complete American boy,” Mr. Kyrra told Courier & Press. She adds that her son’s dream was to get a scholarship so he could go to college and be able to play in the NFL or the NBA. “He was every parent’s dream,” says Kyrra McMichael.

He died at the age of 11 for having courageously wanted to protect his little sister © Pixabay


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