Still intense pain. On October 13, 2006, Patrick Chesnais had to face a terrible tragedy: the death of his son. After a rather drunken evening, 20-year-old Ferdinand Chesnais got into a car with an alcoholic driver. The latter then drove in the opposite direction on the Paris ring road, while his blood alcohol level was four times higher than the maximum authorized. They eventually hit another vehicle head-on. A shock of incredible violence that killed the actor’s son instantly. The driver was only slightly injured.

A tragedy from which Patrick Chesnais never really recovered. On February 2, the 75-year-old actor unveiled a book entitled Letters of Apology, in which he addresses all the people who mattered in his life. In full promotion of this book, he was invited to the show Chez Jordan this Thursday, February 9. And 17 years after the tragedy, Jordan De Luxe wanted to ask a particularly delicate question to Patrick Chesnais.

Patrick Chesnais: “he had no desire to harm”

The host of C8 indeed wanted to know if he had managed to forgive the man who was at the origin of the death of his son. “At the time, no. When I met him at the magistrate’s office, at the trial… He tried to come to me but I was very distant and closed. Life is what it is . Forgive … he did not have the will to harm. He had drunk too much and he was driving, “replied Patrick Chesnais, who nevertheless insisted on indicating that this tragic accident had made it possible to correct certain things: ” What should be pointed out though is that at the entrance to the peripheral ramp, there was no one-way traffic. When I went to see the cops the next day, they went to install one with wires”.

“He didn't have the will to…”: how Patrick Chesnais reacted to the man who killed his son

Patrick Chesnais © CEDRIC PERRIN

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