He commits the irreparable to touch the inheritance. In New York, United States, a man was sentenced on Wednesday October 26 to 22 years in prison for life by the Manhattan Supreme Court. He was accused of slitting his mother’s throat in January 2019 in order to get his inheritance faster.

During his trial, Jared Eng, 25, said he was ashamed and “overwhelmed with guilt” for what he had done. “My mother deserved a much better fate than the one she got. She deserved happiness, she deserved grandchildren, but above all, she deserved a better son,” he said of his mother, Paula Chin, 65, reports the New York Post.

The body of the victim moved then thrown in a trash can

After killing his mother, the young man received help from two women he was dating at the time to make the evidence disappear. He first cleaned the apartment with one of them to leave no trace. Then, the body was transported in a car to his home in Morristown, New Jersey, and finally dumped in a trash can.

Jared Eng had committed this horrific act in an effort to get the inheritance early. He and his brother were to receive their share of the family fortune at the age of 35. The defendant’s father had died of cancer in 2008, and had decided to bequeath his property to his wife. The two brothers were then to share her money if she died.

After the murder, Jared Eng had sought out inheritance lawyers to gain access to his mother’s fortune. As Fox News indicates, he had also changed the passwords for his bank accounts. During his trial, the accused explained that he had to “atone for the crime committed” and understood why he would spend a large part of his life in prison.

He commits an atrocious crime to get his share of the inheritance sooner

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