He comes home from work and finds the new owners of his sold and emptied house

This is called a very unpleasant surprise. A resident of the town of Luton, located in England northwest of London, discovered that his house had been sold and a new owner had moved there. This story is that of Mike Hall, who no longer lived in his residence because of a new job found in Wales. On August 20, he was alerted by a phone call from his neighbors that another person was staying with him. He decides to go there the next day but cannot open the door with his key: “it did not work, a man came to open the door to my own house”, he declared, dumbfounded. .

Completely shocked by what was going on, Mike Hall pushed the man away so he could go home and see what was going on. Surprise: all these personal effects and his furniture were gone. “The furniture, the rugs, the curtains … there was nothing left,” he said, distraught. On site, the new occupant confirmed to him that he was indeed the new owner. Mike Hall then decides to call the police, although the new owner, accompanied by his father, does not ask him to leave because they bought this house in July.

“This is no longer your house, contact your notary”

Completely confused, Mike Hall decided to check the cadastral register. Again, his name does not appear anywhere. The police, therefore, can do nothing for him. Here is what the police told him: “this is no longer your house, you must contact your notary”. It turns out that the new owner had nothing to do with it, he too was a victim of fraud and identity theft.

The fraudsters, who managed to retrieve Mike Hall’s identity documents, also obtained his banking information and phone number. That is all it takes to complete the sale of his house. The transaction closed for 131,000 pounds. The case is still before the courts of England.

He discovers his sold house © Pexels

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