In Dordogne, a child was named “Canard” as a middle name. A choice that the family explains to honor a family tradition.

The story can make you laugh at first. As reported by France Bleu Dordogne, the department’s civil status registers have shown that a family had chosen a fairly original first name for their child. Indeed, “Duck”, it is the second name which was given to Dyklan, a little boy born in 2021. If it is therefore not his usual first name, the story has nevertheless challenged Internet users and families have justified their choice. In fact, this decision was made to honor a family tradition.

It is Jean-Christophe Bret-Canard, Dyklan’s grandfather, who came out of the silence to explain the origin of this first name. “My mom’s name was Madame Canard. But that was her last name. She had been abandoned in 1943 during WWII, because she was a Traveler. And at that time, they weren’t. very well treated we will say. She was abandoned on the steps of a church and placed in an orphanage, then adopted by Mr. Georges Canard, who has become his family name. And out of respect for her, all my children, my four children, have as a middle name Duck, “he said.

Despite the marriages and the passing of generations, the family therefore wishes to continue this tradition to pay homage to this lady as well as to the man who adopted her. Like his grandson, his son Mike has “Duck” as a middle name. “When you know that your parents were exterminated, and that she fought for me to succeed, we started from nothing and I have two sons who are gendarmes, another son who started his business. It is a source of pride and I claim it. Besides, everyone calls me Duck, everyone calls me Mister Duck “added Jean-Christophe Bret-Canard.

The duck as a coat of arms

According to him, this has never been a problem for civil status. “They ticked off at the time, and afterwards when we showed my mother’s ID, they understood that it was not a fantasy,” he said. Note that the duck has even become a real symbol since the tattoo parlor owned by Jean-Christophe is called “Duck”, like his son’s company, “Locaduck”.


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