This Briton had just married on Friday June 3, 2022 in Mallorca. The newly married couple are celebrating the happy event at an unnamed venue. The Mirror indicates that this place is in the tourist town of Peguera, in the municipality of Calvia, on the island of Majorca. The groom, whose name was also not mentioned, allegedly hit his wife during their particularly drunken evening. Local media say police were called shortly before 9pm after the Briton became “violent” and assaulted the new bride.

The agents who came to the scene had to subdue the Briton before they could arrest him, says Ultima Hora, the island newspaper. When officers arrived at the scene, the Briton’s wife was not present. Also according to the local newspaper, the woman whom her husband had previously assaulted had returned to the scene to look for him. She did not know that her new husband had been arrested by the police and taken into custody. According to The Mirror, Civil Guard officers took charge of the assault case after the arrest by local police.

She refuses to file a complaint against her husband

A few hours before the attack, they got married not far from where they celebrated. Whatever her husband may have done by assaulting her, she made the decision not to press charges against him. After his arrest, the British man who attacked his wife was taken care of by the Civil Guard of the island of Mallorca. It is unclear whether the abusive husband immediately appeared before a judge or not. The Mirror specifies on the other hand that The bride “attacked” would have refused to file a complaint, although there has not yet been official confirmation.

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