Asking for a divorce on Valentine’s Day, are you thinking about it? Amy’s husband did it leaving his wife completely devastated. And he’s far from the only one…

Amy, a 44-year-old mother of two, wouldn’t miss Valentine’s Day for anything in the world. “Usually my husband surprises me with a dozen red roses and takes me out to dinner somewhere nice,” she told the New York Post. But 6 years ago, when she is about to put on a pretty dress to celebrate lovers’ day with the one she loves, everything changes.

He gives her the divorce papers instead of a bouquet of roses

It’s not flowers, or chocolate, that Amy’s husband brings back 6 years ago for this special day. No, that day, the father of her children brought her the divorce papers. “I cried, it was awful. It’s always been my favorite party. He knows how important it is to me.” Today, Amy assures us that she still loves this special day so much. She is again in a relationship with a man and is already looking forward to celebrating many Valentine’s Day by his side.

Asking for a divorce on Valentine’s Day: a big trend?

While presenting the divorce papers on Valentine’s Day may seem like a terrible joke, it happens frequently in real life. Nearly 200 New Yorkers filed a lawsuit on this day in 2019. And many lawyers say this decision is not uncommon, although it is terribly nasty.

Martha Cohen, a divorce lawyer, has already defended many women to whom this scenario has already happened. “I represented a woman whose husband invited her to dinner on Valentine’s Day to tell her that he wanted a divorce. She was in absolute shock,” she recalls. “The husband had no control over his impulses, he had finally decided he wanted a divorce and didn’t have the maturity to wait a few days to tell her. It was cruel and unnecessary…He clearly wanted to hurt her wife.”

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