It is a testimony that once again undermines the defense of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. According to information revealed by Le Parisien, this Thursday, February 17, a 61-year-old woman filed a complaint against the journalist for acts of “sexual assault”, “harassment” and “sexual exhibition”. According to her testimony, relayed by our colleagues, these facts date back to 1988. Then a hostess switchboard operator in a communication company, she would have met Jean-Jacques Bourdin, during a media training course. According to her words, she would have welcomed the journalist and would have felt “undressed in her eyes”, she who would have been dressed in “shorts, black tights and a red jacket”.

The accuser then confides to the journalists of Le Parisien, that she would have felt on her “an insistent look” and would even have heard “grunts of contentment and satisfaction”. Still according to our daily colleagues, Jean-Jacques Bourdin would have recalled the switchboard operator and the remarks related by the latter are overwhelming. According to her, Jean-Jacques Bourdin would have found her “very sexy”, would have “been excited and would have fucked her”. Following this conversation, the journalist allegedly contacted her on several occasions, by telephone until the day when he invited her to the premises of RTL. She would have joined him in a parking lot: “He looked at me in a very intense way and everything happened quickly. He opened the fly of his pants and revealed his erect penis. He was as if he had entered in a trance. (…) He said to me: ‘I know that you also want it'”, can we read in Le Parisien.

The accuser: “He said 2000 francs and filled out the check”

The testimony of the second accuser does not stop there. According to his words, Jean-Jacques Bourdin would then have offered him paid sex: “He told me that he loved doing that by paying. He asked me to play the p ***, the s *** *”. The journalist would then have taken out his checkbook: “He said 2000 francs and filled out the check”, she confides. Anne Nivat’s husband would have tried to kiss her “quite brutally”. Even if the facts are prescribed, the accuser wants “justice to be done”, as she declares in the columns of Le Parisien.

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