In the 80s, Nicoletta was at the top of her career and went on tours around the world. While in Canada, she had the great pleasure of meeting Ray Charles. This is in any case what she confided on the set of Quotidien, Tuesday, November 23, 2021. “I love Ray Charles. He invited us to dinner because we were from the Barclay house, and Barclay was his. friend. We met in Montreal, in Chinatown and I cut his meat. At the end of the meal, he asked for my address and my phone. He took out his braille notebook and wrote. ‘ Is that what I wrote, are you okay? ‘ It was very funny, ”she remembered.

But if Ray Charles took care to ask for his phone number, it was because he had every intention of keeping in touch with Nicoletta. A few days later, she had the great surprise of talking to him by phone. “Three weeks later I got a call. I thought it was the fans waking me up, I insulted them. But it was Ray Charles himself, he was laughing. He was in there. ‘Ohio and asked me what those songs he thought was great on my record meant, “she said again as she remembers it as if it had happened the day before.

Nicoletta has fond memories of her meeting with Ray Charles

Ray Charles, who loved listening to Nicoletta’s songs, was won over by her tone of voice. “He thought I was like Piaf. He said ‘You are very small French women. You have a very big voice’.” A memory that will remain etched in the memory of the one who is about to release a piano-voice album revisiting her greatest hits. A new album that may bring back good memories to fans of the singer.

Nicoletta © TMC

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