Assigning a theme to your wedding is an increasingly widespread custom. While some couples lean towards specific shades, others choose to highlight a subject that brings them together and fascinates them.

Recently, a couple made a very surprising choice, electing the funeral as the main theme of their union. A kind of second degree which however had difficulty to pass, in particular with the arrival of the groom.

An amazing theme

It was one of the guests who filmed and then broadcast these unusual nuptials placed, ironically, under the sign of the funeral. In addition to the theme, it was mainly the arrival of the groom that sparked a wave of comments on the TikTok social network where the video was leaked. Within hours, this short clip quickly went viral, garnering over 8.1 million views, and hundreds of reactions.

A certain sense of drama

In the video, dramatic music was played as a large black car drove up. Once the trunk was opened, a coffin, also black, was visible. It was in the latter that the groom was. “Is it a funeral? No, that’s how my friend decided to walk down the aisle,” user @tobz88 captioned the video, captioned “Tell me you’re dramatic don’t tell me you’re dramatic.” .

Discomfort among the guests

To add, if need be, some weirdness to the couple’s big day, it was by no means a macabre wedding, with the groomsmen wearing pale gray suits while the bridesmaids appeared in long dresses blue. It was the witnesses who had to lift the coffin and then bring it down the aisle to the arch where the couple’s union would take place. Between interest and confusion, the guests (and even one of the groomsmen) were somewhat confused by this original approach.

Lack of respect or pledge of love?

Once down and open, the groom stepped out of his box, wearing a sleek white blazer and black bow tie. If the reaction of the bride has not been revealed, this choice has not been explained either. However, the short clip caused some controversy in the comments, with the couple being criticized for their “disrespect” of convention. “We would be divorced before saying that I will do it” noted a user. “They were all so embarrassed, I would be embarrassed too” noted a second. Finally, a last suggested an interpretation “The only explanation would be that life was not worth living until he met her? “.

He arrives at his wedding in a coffin the video goes viral


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