They are very close. Jean-Jacques Goldman is a singer who marked an entire generation. After playing in groups, it was mainly his solo career that allowed him to establish himself as one of the most popular singers of his generation. Among his greatest successes, we can cite It is enough of a sign (1981), When the music is good (1982), Je te gives (1985) or Là-bas (1987). He has been very discreet since 2004 and has only made rare appearances on the front of the stage. Jean Bender, his childhood friend, made some confidences in the columns of the Parisian this Saturday, November 13. “By preparing me fried eggs and shells, he made me a confession”, he first remembered before recounting what his friend said to him: “If one day, luckily, my songs are broadcast, I think they will meet with some success, that I will surround myself with other artists in order to look more like a singer in a group than a star singer ”. Subsequently, he added: “And very quickly, I will compose for the others. Then, as soon as possible, I will end my career”. Visionary remarks since over the course of his career, Jean-Jacques Goldman has chained hit hits, composed for himself or for others.

He wanted to leave his place. After seven studio albums, four live and 30 million records sold, Jean-Jacques Goldman retired in 2003. In the columns of the Parisian, Jean Bender remembered a message he received from his friend. “I put away the cars, retirement at 52 years old deserved! I still work for a few old client friends and I go on vacation”, we can first read. Subsequently, he adds: “But there are plenty of Go Sport, Decathlon … with probably young talented songwriters in the shoe departments”. Even if the singer is no longer on the front of the stage, he is still very present for his friends. “When I need an opinion, an advice, he always responds”, first affirmed Jean Bender before adding: “And he never hesitates to dedicate, with malice, the photos that I sends him for friends “. Both are inseparable and Jean Bender did not hesitate to praise the singer. “I have always appreciated his unwavering sense of friendship and loyalty, towards his family, his friends, his professional partners but above all towards himself”, he concluded.

Jean-Jacques Goldman: why does he admire his father?

Jean Bender and Jean-Jacques Goldman are longtime friends. “We rehearsed on Saturdays in his living room when his parents worked at Sport 2000, their shop located 300m away,” Jean Bender first remembered. “They often kept me for dinner. It was a close family. His parents were lovely and caring but it went straight,” he added. Subsequently, he mentioned the singer’s admiration for his father. “Warm, curious, funny, his father reminded me of Popeck. He had been resistant. He was the hero of Jean-Jacques, who inherited his love and his discretion,” he concluded.

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