Adopting a pet is not a decision to be taken lightly. For some people, this sounds like a no-brainer. Others, on the other hand, end up being convinced. This is the case of a man who agreed to have a cat only for his wife.

Online, anonymously, the latter who claims to hate them, had to face the negative reactions of his wife and his family, after having forced her to clean the litter box while she was pregnant.

A deep dislike of cats

On a Reddit forum, a man wanted to make things clear. According to him, even though his wife is pregnant, he still expects her to continue doing all the chores regarding their cat. “Three years ago, my wife decided she absolutely wanted a cat,” he noted. “I really hate cats and all other animals so I was against it,” he continued. However, he eventually gives in.

An ignored cat

“We made an agreement so that she could have a cat but it was her responsibility, I would have nothing to do with it and she accepted” he indicated. So everyone kept their word, deliberately ignoring the animal, she taking care of everything that had to do with her cat. However, with his wife now pregnant, she expected things to change. A reflection not to the taste of her husband.

Protect yourself against toxoplasmosis

“She asked me if I could pick up the litter until she gave birth because of toxoplasmosis,” he said. “I looked and, as long as she wears gloves and washes her hands, she should be fine,” he added. “I told him ‘Absolutely not’,” he said. Able to affect pregnant women, toxoplasmosis can be caught from cat feces or infected meat. Although harmless in most cases, it can have more serious side effects.

Separate from the chat or continue the agreement

Hearing the response of her husband, the future mother was obviously annoyed by such a reaction. The man immediately reminded him of their agreement. “I told her that it was her responsibility and that if she no longer wanted to take care of it with the arrival of the new baby, we could get rid of it by finding her a new home,” he said. Refusing to part with her cat, she then picked up the litter. Only “problem”, a witness attended the scene and could not help but give his opinion.

Try harder

“Her sister was there and saw her doing this and told me how dangerous it was. But of course, his sister is going to be by his side and overreact, ”said the future father. In response, many were quick to judge him, saying he had to help his partner more. “She should really not be surrounded by cat feces during her pregnancy” wrote a first person. “Even here at the vet clinic where it’s literally your job to clean this up, we don’t allow our pregnant employees to do that,” she said. A second person concluded “So you hate cats more than you love your wife/child. You only need to give it 5 minutes a day but that’s too much for you! “.

He adopts a cat to please his pregnant wife but forces her to clean the litter box


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