Clayton McCoy, originally from Chesterland, Ohio in the United States, had planned everything to assassinate the man he considered his rival. As explained by the Maryland Department of Justice, the facts took place in October 2020. At the time, the 32-year-old man confessed his feelings to a woman he had known for years . The latter replied that she was already in a relationship. Hurt to have been dismissed, the American decided to eliminate his rival. Without wasting a single second, he inquired about the materials and plans needed to make a bomb. Items bought in cash in different stores in order to remain discreet.

Determined, Clayton McCoy cut scrap metal into small triangular pieces. The goal ? Add these shards to his bomb to make it as deadly as possible. The 30-year-old then placed his explosive in a gift box wrapped in a red ribbon. A package he left on his rival’s porch. According to the details reported by CBS, it was the grandfather of the latter who recovered the package, before putting it in the kitchen. At around 5:30 p.m., the targeted man opened the “gift” which immediately exploded. Hit in the chest and legs, he was quickly hospitalized. When he was released, he still had shrapnel in his body and had to use a walker for two weeks.

He faces a heavy sentence for making a bomb

The explosion caused more than $46,000 in property damage. The rival’s house remained uninhabitable for four long months. Clayton McCoy was finally arrested in March 2021. After a search of his home, investigators found the necessary evidence to charge him: his DNA on the gift package and images of his vehicle in front of the victim’s house. The thirties first denied the facts before acknowledging them. He notably pleaded guilty. He faces 30 years in prison, a 20-year sentence for transporting explosives with intent to injure and 10 years for possession of an unregistered explosive device. The verdict has not yet been rendered.

He admits to having made a bomb to try to kill his love rival


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