Could a broken vase also break a marriage? It would seem so. It is online that a man, anonymously, came to confide his dismay after his wife confessed to him wanting to start divorce proceedings.

Speaking to Deidre, adviser to The Sun newspaper, the man returned to the incident which, apparently, tipped the situation. Now he is looking for ways to put the pieces of his story back together.

The gesture of too much

His apologies were not enough to calm the conflict. “I am 56 years old and she is 53” he wrote in the preamble. “I can’t reach her,” he continued, describing his current situation. “Accidentally, I broke my wife’s favorite vase which put an abrupt end to our marriage,” he then announced. Although he apologizes and tries to reconcile, nothing works. “She has started divorce proceedings,” he said.

Tired of his bad mood

According to his wife, “the vase was the straw that broke the camel’s back”. Tired of his “bad mood”, his wife no longer wants to live by his side. “Admittedly, I felt depressed for a long time and I was not able to muster any enthusiasm for anything,” he admitted. “But I always loved her,” he insisted. Absolutely not wanting to divorce, he wondered what he should do to make his wife reconsider her decision.

Start working on yourself

In her response, Deidre, sorry to learn of their painful situation, analyzed that the two partners had both seemed unhappy for some time. “You should consult a doctor because it seems that you are suffering from depression” she analyzed. “Also consider going through a marriage counselor,” she then suggested. If the man began these two steps, working on him and on his couple, according to the professional, his wife “would be more likely to consider staying”.

He accidentally breaks a vase his wife asks for a divorce


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