Angry and still traumatized although she seems determined, one of the seventy-year-old victims of the serial rapist who raged in Nanterre, explained to our colleagues from Parisian how the man managed to attack her while she was hospitalized for a bad fall, on the ground floor of one of the pavilions making up the Max-Fourestier hospital in Nanterre.

“Oh no! You won’t do that to me!”

It was around 9:30 a.m. that this 78-year-old patient saw a man who was neither a caregiver nor a visitor arrive in her hospital room at the end of July 2022. Hospitalized for two weeks, she shared her room with another patient whose bed is separated from hers by a curtain. “I asked him what he wanted, he just put his finger in front of his mouth, as a sign of silence. I started to be very afraid” explained the victim to our colleagues from Parisian, explaining that the man then peeks behind the curtain “as if choosing his prey” before leaning over his bed and jerking his legs violently towards him. “I kept repeating: Oh no! You won’t do that to me!” Nothing helped, the man raped her and tried to come back, but that was without counting on the strength of his victim who grabbed his penis before twisting it. . “I wanted there to be traces left for us to identify him,” she explained.

Alerted by the cries of two patients, a nurse ends up arriving in the room, throwing herself on him. The man hits her and runs away. A few minutes later, a second 68-year-old patient will also be raped by the same individual. Arrested in September when he passed over the security gate of the Gare de Lyon metro in Paris, a third rape, this time of a 12-year-old child, was attributed to him thanks to his genetic fingerprints. “I blame him for having turned my life upside down, the life I had dreamed of, which was all mapped out. This man needs to be treated. But in fact, I am especially angry that it could have happened. That does not pass” explained the victim, who filed a complaint against the hospital and its director for “endangering the lives of others.”

Hauts-de-Seine: “Her finger in front of her mouth…”, the chilling story of a septuagenarian raped in hospital

The victim filed a complaint against the hospital © Illustration photo

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