To defend her family, Laeticia Hallyday does not hesitate to get her claws out. More than four years after Johnny’s death, his widow continues to suffer the anger of some of the Taulier fans but also of those who accompanied him during his life and career. Even if the mother of Jade and Joy seems at peace today, she does not forget what they made her live after the death of her husband and when she was waging a legal war against her elders. On Instagram this Saturday, April 9, she also wanted to publish a vitriolic message that was addressed to them. “Despite the lies, the hatred and the resentment of the beings who have abandoned us. Love will always be stronger than anything”, wrote Laeticia Hallyday in the comments of a tender publication by Joy, who paid tribute to her famous dad.

“My father and I are so alike. I love you,” wrote the youngest of the Hallydays, posting a snapshot of her as a child in her father’s arms. In comments therefore, his mother made him a magnificent statement. “You look so much like him and you carry within you his most beautiful values ​​and his unconditional love forever. He passed on so many things to you. He would be so proud today to see you play the guitar with so much passion and determination. He will never stop guiding you, wrote Laeticia Hallyday, upset. This love that no one can ever steal from you, my angel.” Although physically diminished, as Closer revealed to you, she does not forget the complicated moments that the family has experienced for years.

Laeticia Hallyday: “I share these pains of life, that life has imposed on us”

“For four years we have suffered a lot, we have experienced a lot of abandonment, betrayal, disappointment”, she confided on the Daily set, a few months ago. Philosopher, Laeticia Hallyday then explained that the tests had allowed her daughters to grow. “I share these pains of life, which life has imposed on us. We must try to move forward with resilience and then forgive, continued the widow of Johnny Hallyday. And then say thank you to the people who have abandoned us, who behaved in such a disappointing way with us.” If it flows today happy days in the arms of Jalil Lespert, the widow of Johnny Hallyday does not forget anything.

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