Harvey Weinstein: this lifelong scar on his private parts that one of his victims left him while struggling

This is called a nasty scratch. Harvey Weinstein has been jailed for a year now after being convicted of first degree sexual assault and third degree rape. As a reminder, the fallen Hollywood producer was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Unpublished testimony should not help alleviate his sentence. Indeed, a new victim accuses Harvey Weinstein of attempted rape as reported by The Post this Saturday, March 27. It is with the Superior Court of Los Angeles, that this young actress named Hayley Gripp filed a complaint. In it, she reports facts that allegedly took place in a suite at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills in November 2012 when she was only 19 years old.

The actress who now claims to suffer from post-traumatic stress did not even know the identity of her attacker at that time. Hayley was reportedly approached by the producer’s partner, while she was reading a book at the hotel bar. Harvey Weinstein introduced himself as “Dom” before receiving the young woman in his suite and making inappropriate advances. He allegedly offered her a glass of wine, which she drank and which plunged her into a “brief blackout”. When she recovered, Harvey Weinstein was stroking her.

Her manicure saved her

It was then that the producer would have started to utter terrible sentences to his victim, asking him in particular to imagine that she was with Zac Efron, according to the complaint. The man who was 60 years old at the time of the facts would then have supported the young woman on the ground by introducing his fingers into her vagina. The latter then did everything to push him away, breaking one of his false nails in the process. It was then that she had the idea of ​​using her sharp nail to escape her attacker as recounted in the complaint cited by Page Six: “Me Gripp then planted his sharp nail on the lower part of the scrotum of Mr Weinstein “can we read. Harvey Weinstein found himself with “bloody testicles” allowing Hayley Gripp to escape. The man has since “large scars” on his testicles. These made it possible to validate the testimonies of several victims when they had to describe the genitals of their attacker in front of the investigators.

Harvey Weinstein © Zuma Press

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