They had been together for two years. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, one of the most publicized couples of recent months, separated in November. A hard blow on the eve of the end of year celebrations … Fortunately, the 28-year-old singer was able to surround himself with his family, whom he found in the United Kingdom to celebrate Christmas. Anne Twist, Harry Styles’ mother, took to her Instagram account to post a series of photos from the festivities, hinting at a glimpse of the singer with the family. On one of the shots, the latter poses surrounded by his mother, his sister, Gemma, and the boyfriend of the latter, Michal. A publication that has not failed to delight fans of Harry Styles, who are several thousand to have left a comment. “Raise your hand if you’ve been crying”, “Everyone say ‘Thank you Anne'”, “Thank you for your services my queen”, “Thank you for bringing us news of Harry”, “He’s come home!” , “It’s the best Christmas present”, can we read among the reactions, each more enthusiastic than the other. If Harry Styles’ Instagram account is not lacking in concert photos, the singer is however more discreet about his private life. His most inveterate fans can therefore count on the profiles of his mother and his sister, both public, to have a more intimate insight into his life.

Harry Styles: the reasons for his breakup with Olivia Wilde

According to sources interviewed by People, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, like many other celebrity couples before them, broke up due to incompatible schedules. “It was a very amicable decision, no argument. He is still on tour and now goes overseas. She is focused on her children and her work in Los Angeles. Their lives are very far apart now. They have different priorities which separate them”, indicated the source who also evoked “the media pressure which has always accompanied their relationship”.

Harry Styles: comforting Christmas with the family for the singer after his breakup with Olivia Wilde

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