Love has its reasons… Diana Tarazaga-Orero, 29-year-old transgender fan of Harry Styles has threatened to kill the artist’s security officer. Michelle Roycroft, a security consultant and former military police officer, is in fear for her life, according to court information obtained by the Daily Mail. Diana Tarazaga-Orero reportedly viewed Michelle Roycroft as an obstacle to her relationship with the 28-year-old pop star. According to the outlet, Diana Tarazaga-Orero threatened to arrive at the 52-year-old security official’s office in order to end her life. Moreover, Michelle Roycroft claims to have received more than 100 abusive messages and calls from the stalker. “It was terrifying,” she told The Sun.

Spanish-born Diana Tarazaga-Orero reportedly continued to send threatening messages even the day she showed up at Harry Styles’ home in north London last February. “Tarazaga-Orero, who is in the process of changing her sex, saw Ms Roycroft as a barrier to accessing the One Direction star,” says the Daily Mail. Currently, Diana Tarazaga-Orero is being held under a mental health order. Moreover, she would have accepted a harassment order before the Highbury Corner Criminal Court. Note that this is not the first time that Diana Tarazaga-Orero has acted with zeal in the direction of the star. She has already been at the center of a harassment case recently.

A very zealous passion for Harry Styles

Note that during a hearing last September, Harry Styles had already confided that he was constantly on his guard. This for fear of being followed by Diana Tarazaga-Orero who had forced her way into his house in London while he was at home. Diana Tarazaga-Orero also entered the grounds of Harry Styles’ house last February posing as a delivery man. After breaking into the singer’s home, she got into a fight with a construction worker. At this time, the singer of As It Was was just upstairs.

Obviously highly motivated, Diana Tarazaga-Orero had to be pulled from a wall in order to get her out of the house, according to the Wood Green Crown Court. This whole story is however part of a good deed of the singer. Indeed, Harry Styles would have met Diana Tarazaga-Orero for the first time in 2019 at a bus stop. The star had offered to help her thinking she was homeless. This is where the harassment began since the transgender would have appeared several times in front of the house of the star. Once, she even allegedly grabbed him while jogging just to ask him for money. This is obviously an unfortunate conclusion to what was a charitable gesture from the star.

Harry Styles: a fan wanted to kill her security manager who, according to her, opposed their relationship

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