Harry Potter: this actor of the saga who is happy that he is no longer recognized in the street

At the age of 12, Harry Melling rose to prominence by playing Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter saga. After taking a long break in his career, the 31-year-old comedian is now showing two films and a series available on Netflix: The Old Guard, The Devil All the Time and The Queen’s Gambit. In an interview with the People site, the one who lent his features to Harry Potter’s capricious cousin said: “I hope people won’t be bored seeing me. But honestly, it’s just a brilliant coincidence. and strange that unfortunately people can’t go out and therefore rely on Netflix. So it was a really strange and wonderful event. ”

If Harry Melling is a good actor and had the chance to participate in a saga that has become cult, no one recognizes him in the street. And for good reason, the British comedian lost a lot of weight: “I think it was an unconscious thing when it started to happen. I went to drama school at 18 and it’s a bit there that the weight has changed, not for a major need on my end, but it’s just something that just happened. And I’ve had a lot since drama school, I went to do a lot theatre.” The comedian then revealed that losing weight made him almost unrecognizable, which is, for him, ‘blessing’, so that he could start his career over again: “I think one of the blessings of this kind of stage of my life was the fact that I wasn’t recognized. I had this past, of being a part of the movies, but I also felt like I had the opportunity to kind of spark a new beginning. , which in my opinion is useful. ”

Focus on Harry Melling’s career

Since his participation in Harry Potter, the comedian has come a long way! After seven years of absence from the cinema, Harry Mellig appeared in The Lost City of Z, but also in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, directed by the Coen brothers. However, it is this year that the young man burst the screen! After playing a villainous pharmaceutical executive in The Old Guard, Harry Melling managed to steal the limelight from Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson in The Devil All the Time, and lent his features to a chess master in The Queen’s Gambit. . There is no doubt that we have not finished talking about him …

Fiona Shaw, Harry Melling and Richard Griffiths © WARNER BROS

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