The actors of the Harry Potter saga have made many revelations during the special show Back to Hogwarts. The latter will be broadcast on HBO Max and on the Salto platform in France in January 2022. The cast members notably confessed to the romances which took place during the shootings. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Matthew Lewis, … all of them would have experienced love stories or crushes on the set. “There were endless crushes, people would go out with each other and then go their separate ways,” said Matthew Lewis, actor Neville Longbottom.

“We were all teenage boys full of hormones, so when they intentionally hired sexy new actors, for the Triwizarding Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), well …” tour, Daniel Radcliffe. Moreover, the one who embodies the famous Harry Potter also had his share of favorites during the filming of the film. These include feelings for actress Helena Bonham Carter, aka Bellatrix Lestrange, according to The Sun on Tuesday, December 28. Except that at the time, Daniel was 17 years old and the main one was 40 years old.

Hermione Granger had a crush on Draco Malfoy

Besides Daniel Radcliffe’s crush on actress Helena Bonham Carter, the Harry Potter interpreter admits that many important stages in his life were connected to the saga. “My first kiss is related to someone here, my first girlfriends were on the set of movies,” he said.

For her part, Emma Watson had also made a few confessions on her favorites on the set. She had notably revealed that in the early 2000s, she fell in love with actor Tom Felton, the interpreter of Draco Malfoy. Everything would have started in class during common lessons necessary for the filming according to her. “We were asked to draw what we think God looked like,” she recalled. Tom had drawn a girl with a cap upside down, perched on a skateboard. fell in love with him “, she confessed before adding” Every day I walked in and looked at the call sheet, and if it was on it, it was a great day “.

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