Harry Potter: Saga star reveals rape at age 14

Former national tennis player Jessie Cave has made a name for herself playing Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter saga. If the actress thinks she was chosen for the role after making Ruper Grint laugh during her audition, she was hiding behind her beautiful smile a terrible secret. As she just launched the We Can’t Talk About Right Now podcast with her sister, Jessie Cave revealed she was raped by her tennis trainer when she was just 14. With an open heart, she explained, “To be fair, yes acne and braces is painful, but I believe rape at 14 is really bad. By your tennis coach, in who you trusted and who was therefore in a position of power … “As she takes things in perspective today, she added:” That’s right, I was fine and very good with a ball. tennis. But they took advantage of me anyway. He was sent to jail, so hey, that’s it already. ”

Facing her sister, Jessie Cave explained that this rape had completely turned her life upside down: “My rape meant that I had a completely different adolescence from yours, just like my entry into my twenties, because looking back at things in retrospect. , I was still healing and my discovery of sex was completely abnormal compared to yours. I believe that there are still consequences of this period that I did not realize until eighteen years later. ” However, the 33-year-old actress considers herself lucky: “In fact, the further time takes me from this drama – and it is going to seem excruciating – the more I feel a little lucky, for several reasons, to have known a rape that didn’t destroy me. I think that’s something people don’t often talk about when it comes to sexual abuse and trauma. ”

Jessie Cave is pregnant with her third child

Over time, the young woman managed to move forward and is very happy today. If she is mainly known for her role in the Harry Potter saga, it is with her family that Jessie Cave found her happiness. In a relationship with actor Alfie Brown since January 2014, the actress gave birth to a baby boy named Donnie, in October 2014, before giving birth to a little Margot, in July 2016. In June 2020, the pretty brunette revealed be pregnant with their third child!

Jessie Cave, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright © GOFF INF

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