It’s not all magic in the Harry Potter universe. As some fans already know, the Fantastic Beasts saga has found itself in the spotlight on various occasions, and not always for the right reasons. One of them concerns the accusations that have been repeatedly made against actor Ezra Miller, who plays the mysterious Croyance Bellebosse. In 2020, the young man was filmed strangling a woman in an Icelandic bar and in April 2022 he was arrested in Hawaii for second-degree assault after he swung a chair at a woman. He had already been talked about in March 2022 after causing an incident in a karaoke for which he had to pay a deposit. In June 2022, however, it is a more serious charge that targets him.

Ezra Miller is accused of embezzlement by the family of Tokata Iron Eyes, a young American of Native American origin whom the actor met when she was only 12 years old while he was 23 years old. According to Entertainment Weekly, a lawsuit was filed in Sioux Tribe Court in Standing Rock, Dakota. Throughout his relationship with Tokata, now 18, Ezra Miller has been accused of “physically and emotionally abusing her”. During a tour of the Fantastic Beasts sets to which the actor invited Tokata and other members of the Standing Rock tribe, the complaint states that the actor had at the time attempted to sleep in the same bed as Tokata , then 14 years old. The report states that the only thing that prevented him from doing so was the presence of a chaperone who supervised the group.

Parents of alleged victim seek protection from Ezra Miller

The girl’s parents accuse Ezra Miller of having sought to control Tokata, of having provided her with LSD, cannabis and alcohol and of having deprived her of all independence. When the young woman gave up her studies, it was with Ezra Miller that she settled, where she had neither her license, her credit cards, her keys or “any object that allowed her to be in control of his life”. The lawsuit also accuses the Fantastic Beasts star of acting like a cult guru, being manipulative and engaging in abusive sexual predatory behavior with Tokata. For her part, the young woman expressed on social networks her wish to be left alone, stressing that Ezra Miller has always been a support for her and not to believe all these stories. A hearing has still been set for July 2022, the parents asking the courts to take measures to protect their daughter.

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