This Thursday, December 8, the whole world discovered the long-awaited Harry and Meghan documentary series exclusively. This one had made a lot of talk even before it was broadcast following the possible revelations that the couple could make about the royal family. In the trailer, Prince Harry is heard threatening “No one knows the truth but us”. That already said it all.

In the end, very few compromising things were revealed in the first three episodes broadcast this Thursday. Apart from that the royal family neglected the protection of Meghan Markle in the face of the media, not understanding why she needed it more than other members of the British crown. In reality, she needed it more because she was mixed-race, and the journalists attacked her all the more for that, especially at the start of their relationship.

The BBC never gave Netflix permission to show Lady Di’s footage

However, even if nothing too compromising was broadcast, viewers were able to see or review archival footage of Lady Diana. Among them, a video in which we see her calmly asking the paparazzi to leave her children alone while they were on a ski vacation. But it is not this that is currently under debate.

These are actually two excerpts from the Princess’s interview with journalist Martin Bashir on the Panorama program, formerly broadcast on the BBC. This interview had caused a scandal because the journalist Martin Bashir had somehow trapped Lady Diana with her misleading behavior in order to extract certain information from her. The BBC no longer wishes to broadcast it, nor even give permission to others to do so. She has never given her approval to Netflix to broadcast these two extracts. A BBC spokesman cleared the channel in an email to MailOnline on Friday 9 December: ”As we have said before, the BBC will never broadcast the program again, we will not grant also no license in whole or in part to other broadcasters – the decision to show the interview is up to Netflix,” he said.

The dissemination of the images would have been authorized by a legal adviser

On the other hand, the persons in charge assured that to their knowledge, the BBC was never approached by Netflix for the agreement of the diffusion of these extracts. A source from the streaming platform meanwhile said the interview footage was “cleared or approved” by lawyers. On the other hand, this same source revealed that “all material in the series has been licensed or approved for use by UK/US legal counsel under fair use copyright exceptions”.

In the excerpts broadcast, the Princess of Wales had revealed that she did not understand the relentlessness of the paparazzi towards her. At that time, she was separated from Prince Charles: “When I have my public duties, I understand when I get out of the car that I am photographed. But now it’s when I come out of my door, my door of ‘entrance, let me be photographed. I never know where a lens is going to be,’ she lamented with a worried air, saying that it had gotten worse since her separation from the Prince of Wales.

Harry & Meghan: these taboo images of Lady Di that Netflix was not allowed to broadcast


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