The Harry & Meghan documentary is available on Netflix
The first three episodes were released on December 8, 2022
Meghan Markle talks about her meeting with Kate Middleton

Expected by some, apprehended by others, the documentary Harry & Meghan has been available in part on Netflix since December 8 and it is already making waves. The couple who left the royal family and who settled in California has indeed finally unveiled a large piece of their intimacy told in three first episodes, which will be followed by three new episodes on December 15. In these slices of life which bring together images filmed over several years, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex speak in particular of the major stages of their relationship, such as Prince Harry’s marriage proposal which was made on his knees and in the company of a cast dog. But that’s not all. The lovers take the opportunity to remember key moments such as the first meetings with the respective families.

This is how Meghan Markle recounts how her meeting with her sister-in-law, Catherine “Kate” Middleton, took place, who one day came to Harry and she accompanied by her husband, Prince William, brother of Prince Harry. She mentions this particular occasion when it comes to her preparation and her knowledge of the royal milieu. Knowledge that she has acquired over the years, but that she clearly did not have when she first met Kate, as she points out. “When William and Kate came over for dinner and I first met her, I was in ripped jeans and barefoot. I’m a hugger, I’ve always been like that. I hadn’t realized that it was very disturbing for many English people”. Meghan Markle could be here talking about her sister-in-law, who is very rarely seen hugging people and who, when first meeting Meghan, may have been embarrassed by Meghan’s casualness.

Meghan Markle: ‘It surprised me a lot’

Over the years, however, Meghan Markle got used to the strict rules of the royal family and managed to perceive what was hidden behind a whole system. “I think I understood very quickly that the formal aspect that is shown in public is always there in private too. We tend to think that once the door is closed, we can take a deep breath. But the formal aspect is present on both sides, it surprised me a lot”. One of the many surprises she would discover over her years with Prince Harry was getting to know the royal family better, whether in front of the paparazzi or behind closed doors. The most important meeting in Meghan’s life will undoubtedly remain the one with her husband’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II who, once again, showed the young woman the crucial importance of the protocol of the Prince Harry’s family. A real “shock” as the Duke of Sussex explains in the documentary, especially since the meeting with Queen Elizabeth II happened almost impromptu – as impromptu as possible in any case for a family whose Most members’ lives are regulated to the minute.

Harry & Meghan (Netflix): "Very disturbing", Meghan Markle recounts her faux pas with Kate during their first meeting

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