The episodes of the Netflix series on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are linked. And their lots of surprises too. In the third installment of this program broadcast since this Thursday, December 8 and so awaited around the world, the Duchess of Sussex is again delivered at length. It must be said that the couple decided to reveal a lot of things behind the scenes of the royal family, which led them to move away from it over time. Thus, in this third installment, Meghan Markle has decided to talk about the strict dress protocol to which she was forced to comply when she lived in the United Kingdom. Facing the camera, the actress began by explaining that camel, beige and white have gradually invaded her wardrobe.

The Duchess of Sussex then went back to her memories. On June 14, 2018, the latter was about to experience her first official outing as the wife of Prince Harry, during a visit to Chester, in the United Kingdom. So, to look good, the American actress, who had little information on the protocols of the royal family, had to comply with all the directives. On the images taken during this day, we could see her dressed in a nude color dress, placed behind Queen Elizabeth II all dressed in apple green. From then until her official departure from the royal family in January 2020, Meghan Markle was forced to wear only boilerplate colors during her public appearances.

Meghan Markle is happy to be able to dress as she wishes again

Something the Suits star was definitely not used to. And it must be said that the reason that those close to the crown gave her did not please her: “We should not embarrass anyone”, she confided to Netflix. Very far from this world, Meghan Markle was completely out of her habits. “It is above all because you have to wear colors that the official members are not likely to wear. For example, you should not dress in the same color as Her Majesty during a joint appearance. Nor should you wear the same color as an older family member,” the actress explained.

A complicated protocol to manage for Meghan Markle, who can now dress as she wishes since she moved to the United States with Prince Harry. For the moment, no member of the royal family has commented on this much maligned Netflix series. But according to information from advisers and journalists close to the crown, we are not immune to seeing counter-offensives on their part to try to counter certain attacks or revelations made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Harry & Meghan (Netflix): the real reason why Meghan very often wears beige at royal events

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