The first part of the Harry & Meghan documentary is available on Netflix
The couple shares intimate images of the past few years and interviews
The interviews are shot in a sumptuous villa that does not belong to them

Since the release of the first episodes of their documentary series on Netflix, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been at the heart of various controversies – even more than usual. One of them concerns the location in which they shot the interviews that complement the archival footage used in the documentary. Indeed, contrary to what viewers might have believed, it is not in their Californian home that the couple was filmed. According to the Daily Mail, the villa that serves as the setting for the interviews is indeed in Montecito, just a few minutes from where Harry and Meghan live. But it is actually the former property of Mark Schullhof, a man accused a few years ago of defrauding thousands of people out of millions of dollars by setting up a fake association for disabled veterans. .

Suffice to say that the reputation of the former owner of the house in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have turned has not failed to add oil to an already well fed fire. The English media also specifies that the couple’s villa is estimated to be worth 13 million euros while the place they have chosen to give their interviews is on sale for 33 million euros. What cause incomprehension and anger on the part of people who find it borderline indecency to show themselves in such a glorious setting in the midst of a housing crisis. “I found it a little indecent to shoot in such an opulent setting when there is so much suffering in the world,” said an unquoted Hollywood producer in the Daily Mail. Remarks tinged with hypocrisy which show, once again, that the Sussexes will be criticized whatever they do and for everything and anything by their detractors.

The documentary ends December 15 on Netflix.

Note that if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had decided to shoot the interviews that are part of the documentary at home, they would undoubtedly have been singled out for having shown the framework of their intimacy in addition to the many personal images that they revealed. in the first three episodes. Questions have also been asked about certain taboo images of Lady Di broadcast by Netflix when the platform would not have had permission. One thing is certain, with three episodes remaining, the documentary Harry & Meghan has not finished talking about him. Especially since if the first part only touched on the angry subjects, it may well be that the next three episodes do not take as many tweezers to address the Megxit and the fracture that has been created within of the royal family…

Harry & Meghan (Netflix): the breathtaking residence in which they testify is not theirs, all the details

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © Netflix

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