Close during their childhood, despite their respective places in the order of succession to the throne of England (the first is second while his youngest is now sixth), Princes Harry and William have been far from being on good terms for several months. . And if rumors say they are on the road to reconciliation, royal commentator Nick Bullen told Fox News that only a big event could bring them together. In his eyes, it is difficult to imagine that the two brothers can repair themselves before the month of June 2022. Explanations.

“I think it is highly unlikely that we will see a resolution between the brothers very soon,” began the founder and editor of the channel True Royalty TV this Saturday, September 4th. “It’s still quite difficult for them. Obviously, they talked and spent time with their mother’s family.” But what important event could allow Prince Harry and Prince William to continue on the path to forgiveness? “There is no real reason for them to be together again publicly before the Queen’s Jubilee next year,” Bullen said.

What about Harry and William’s wives?

Indeed, in June 2022, Her Majesty Elizabeth II will celebrate the 70th anniversary of her reign. A special occasion for the royal family but also for the British who will be entitled to an extended weekend between June 2 and 5, 2022. Anyway, the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex are not yet ready to reconcile and forget the post-Megxit tensions. On Harry and William’s wives, however, the conflicts of the past would already be forgotten.

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