The rapprochement will have been short-lived. On April 17, Prince Harry made his comeback to the royal family for the first time since moving to Los Angeles, on the occasion of Prince Philip’s funeral. If he paraded behind the coffin of his grandfather separated from his brother Prince William by his cousin Peter Philips, it turns out that after the ceremony, the sons of Prince Charles had briefly approached, suggesting a reconciliation. However, while this is “a good start” for someone close to the royal family, it does not bode well for a better long-term deal.

“It was nice to see, but this whole argument is so deep that I do not think there is a quick fix,” said this relative to People. According to him, the road to reconciliation would even be rather long. “Knowing the family, it can heal a little, then can go back a little,” he said, while Prince Harry was not the best received by the Windsors during Prince Philip’s funeral. Indeed, according to a source, Princess Anne, as well as Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex would not have come to greet him before and after the ceremony, unlike Prince Andrew, who was one of the only ones to him. show sympathy.

Prince Charles still “hurt” by his son Harry

Now back in Los Angeles with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry left somewhat helpless vis-à-vis his family, while he was at length poured out in a letter addressed to Prince Charles, to which the latter did not react in the expected way, and this because he remains very “hurt” by the remarks made by his son in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. Fortunately, the Duke of Sussex was able to speak with Elizabeth II, from whom he surely found some comfort, while the monarch showed great understanding towards him, and her willingness to leave the monarchy. .

Princes William and Harry © Agence

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