Tension is at its height between Princes William and Harry
However, the two brothers had to make a truce
They wanted to pay tribute to a friend who died in 2002

For years now, Princes William and Harry have had a hard time getting along. But despite all the tensions, there are events that bring them closer. Indeed, in 2021, the two enemy brothers came together to pay tribute to their mother, Lady Diana, during the inauguration of the joint statue in honor of their late mother. On the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Sussexes were once again reunited. But now Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want to do battle with the British royal family in their series to be broadcast soon on Netflix.

But according to our Hello media colleagues, Princes William and Harry had to join forces to sign a message in honor of Henry van Straubenzee, who died at the age of 18 in a car accident in 2002. This is what which reads: “For those of us who knew Henners, we will always miss his mischievous charm and hilarious sense of humor. Henry’s legacy will live on through the incredible achievements of his mother and father over the years”. It was in 2009 that the parents of the young man created a memorial fund in memory of their son with the aim of raising money for educational projects in Uganda. “We think everyone here tonight will agree that what Claire and Alex have achieved since 2009 is nothing short of extraordinary. As you gather under this roof tonight, the charity is supporting 51 preschools , primary and secondary schools in rural Uganda, where 1,700 projects have been carried out and more than 35,000 children each year benefit from an education they would not otherwise have had”.

A family friend

Young Henry died in 2002 in a car accident. Passenger of the vehicle, he wanted to go to Uganda to teach English there. The young man and Prince Harry became friends while studying at Ludgrove Preparatory School. Henry’s older brother Thomas is friends with Prince William. So much so that when little Charlotte is born, it is Thomas who will become one of her godfathers. At the commemoration of his son’s memory, Alex van Straubenzee will thank the brothers of the royal family: “The success of the charity and the support of William and Harry have helped all four of us to overcome the loss of Henry”. Thus, it is in pain that the enemy brothers have decided to meet.

A forbidden photo revealed

But this deal is short-lived. The walls of Buckingham tremble day by day, until the broadcast of episodes of the Netflix series Meghan & Harry. The tension is really at its peak between the Sussexes and the rest of the family. So much so that each of the acts and gestures of the couple is scrutinized. Like this forbidden photo, broadcast in the trailer for the series, where we can see the couple leaving the royal family. “Harry and Meghan said they had no plans in leaving the royal family and that they had to get away with it to save themselves. They had no plans to sell their story or share it. Yet, on the last day, they hired a private photographer to follow them everywhere and take pictures of their departure”

Harry and William: despite the tensions, they unite for a very sad reason

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